MEDACARE AMBULANCE pioneered transportation of critical patients from one facility to another with dedicated transport nurses; a service that together with the Infinity Medical Group and Columbia Saint Mary's Hospital-Milwaukee, revolutionized inter-facility transports by providing on-line medical control and has evolved into the model used by other ambulance companies for the complex inter-facility transports we see today.

Our commitment to Patient Care is why we offer Condition Specific Staffing in accordance with the patients' specific needs.

  • Emergency Medical Technician - Basic
  • Emergency Medical Technician - Paramedic
  • Critical Care Emergency Medical Technician - Paramedic (CCEMTP)

At MEDACARE AMBULANCE Service , Cost Containment is an integral part of every transport.

However, MEDACARE AMBULANCE Service believes that Cost Containment includes more than competitive pricing and providing Condition Specific care for each patient.

Comprehensive billing assistance (such as the resubmission of denied claims), NO CHARGE fair hearings with Medicare Insurance, social work referrals as well as routinely delaying direct patient billing until all means of claim submission have been exhausted.



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